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As long as one could find the North Star, they could navigate their way

As long as one could find the North Star, they could navigate their way

Alfonso Licciardi

My little time spent wandering almost exclusively around the multicultural streets in London’s East End and South East served to hold myself astonished as to realizing how I enjoyed stuffing my nose of those ethnical aromas, curry houses, smoking naans and spicy biryani,while moving across the tube lines to how calmly people face everyday and every-early morning basic tasks. What only a hundred years ago was the breeding ground of cheap drinks and Jack The Ripper’s free crime, Whitechapel district led me to a pleasant discovery: Denver based artist Jaime Molina, a.k.a. CuttyUp and his art displayed in London’s StolenSpace gallery.

The Doofy Soul

Finding North exhibition obnoxiously reminded me what creativity can lead to and how few are those people capable of evoquing such clashing and contrasting feelings only by going beyond what seemed to be a simple store window or a simple space where people put some piece of art passers by always avoid.

“I made this piece for my dear cat friend, Doofy. […] Now that he’s gone we will invent our own constellation map with him in it.” said Jaime Molina about the artwork.

Wrong Ring, Tony

“Since ancient times we have guided our travels and orientation by using the stars. As long as one could find the north star, they could navigate their way. The speed of our times has obviously changed drastically. This age of rapid consumption and discardment of information has lead to a common sense of confusion. Are we better off with or without accessibility to all of this information?”

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