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The Beauty in the Lens of Peter DeVito

The Beauty in the Lens of Peter DeVito


21-year-old Fashion Institute of Technology student, photographer and illustrator Peter DeVito from New York celebrates beauty as is, unretouched faces and unphotoshopped skin. Suffering from acne since 8th grade, DeVito has always been fascinated by those messages of self-acceptance displayed in social media, but couldn’t help hide his own defects: now, he wants to redefine the concept of positivity for it to be read by everyone.

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“You can be body positive if you’re curvy. You can be body positive  if you’re skinny. You can be body positive if you’re short. You can be body positive if you’re tall. Body positivity is about accepting your body for what it is. It’s about learning to stop comparing yourself to others. Body positivity is NOT a trend.” says Peter DeVito on his instagram.

“what’s wrong with your skin?” – “why don’t you cover them?” – “how long did it take to draw those?”

DeVito’s multi-shaped message ranges between the importance of self-positivity and the awareness that this concept must not be perceived as a trend, but as normality. Acceptance of one’s own sexuality, gender, diversity, body.

Hashtags are a symbol of a ‘trend’, so each photo is accompanied by a video of the model removing the hashtag sticker from their face.” says the photographer to enhance the importance of avoiding the ‘trend’ concept in his art.

copyright: Peter DeVito

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