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Koketit, When Everything Has a Face

Everything she touches becomes fashion. Meet Shira Barzilay.

She sees fashion in every surface. She puts her joyful lines into every object, abstract reality, photo she encounters.

Shira Barzilay is an Israeli illustrator based in Tel Aviv. After starting her fashion studies at the age of 17 and attending the Shenkar Institute of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, she turned her attention and put all her efforts into illustrating, starting to move her first steps into the Israeli fashion industry.

This led her to collaborate with international fashion brands, such as Roberto Cavalli, H&M, Golf&co, Mish Mish Mish and many more. His unique style of illustration and expression has a name: Koketit. Koketit comes from French slang and means “stylish girl”. This trademark of hers made her works instantaneously recognizable among the inmense fray of the industry.

Her instagram is all about storytelling, through images. Might be cups, might be jeans, might be eggs, might be actual faces, nevermind. Shira is all about suggestion, giving everything she touches (well, draws on) life.

Keep up with your Wacom, Shira

more about Shira here.

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