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Jérémie Mazenq

Jérémie Mazenq is a French photographer and sound engineer. He was introduced to photography in his childhood, his parents would have a laboratory at home and there he would make his first steps into photography. He then turned to music to become a sound engineer for movies production. Being in constant contact with photography directors turned the light back on, at the age of 25.

“He is therefore essentially inspired by encounters: with a woman, a text, a music, a drawing, a photograph on which I stumble… He then tries to translate the feelings and emotions aroused by these moments through a cliché or a series of photos, so that a true encounter happens again between the image and its spectator.” (as per artsper biography)

Jock Sturges

Jock Sturges was born in 1947, in New York City. He received a BFA in Perceptual Psychology and photography from the Marlboro College in Vermont and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where he obtained his MFA in photography. He’s famous for his series of photographs, taken mostly in France and Northern California, depicting whole families and their moments in nudist beaches and spaces. For this reason, he is no new in facing accusations of pornography and child exploitation in his works.

Jock Sturges / Montalivet series, France

With his background in perceptual psychology, Jock Sturges aims to reach the heart of his subjects; his color and black-and-white photographs capture people in the fullness of their beauty, individuality, and dignity. In his celebrated work, he focuses primarily on portraits of nude adolescents and their families. These images scandalized conservatives during the culture wars of the 1990s in America. The artist is known for developing deep bonds of trust, friendship, and collaboration with his subjects, many of whom he has photographed for decades, chronicling their growth from childhood into adulthood. “I don’t exist without my models, without the people in my pictures,” Sturges once said.

Jock Sturges / Montalivet series, France

Olivier Christinat

Olivier Christinat, born in 1963 in Lausanne (Switzerland), has a lot to tell about photography. After a preliminary course at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey (1979-1980), he studied photography in Lausanne, to become an independent photographer in 1985, and taught at ECAL from 1991 to 1996.
Starting from 1996, he focuses his activity mainly on personal research and undertakes the series “Apocryphal Photographs”, “Events” and “Nue“.

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Olivier Christinat / Nue

Such intimacy with the model forces the limits of modesty. Not so much those of nudity of the body as sometimes those of a head framed closer. Thus the oval of a face with rosy cheeks can offer a fierce look by showing clearly all the ambiguity that is established between the “protagonists” of this fiction.

said Lyne Crevier for Ciel Variable.

More from Olivier Christinat here.

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