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The Notre Dame is Notre

The Notre Dame is Notre

Alfonso Licciardi

Yesterday’s Paris Notre Dame Cathedral fire left the world astonished. While undergoing renovation, the cathedral caught fire. Still unclear are, as of today, the causes that will leave the modern civilization without the piece of culture and history which was Our Lady of Paris, as we and the Parisians knew it. The monument isn’t completely destroyed, but will not be the same as it was.

The world unitedly started feeling sorry for the loss we’re all suffering. I find stupid and utterly ignorant what I had to see coming out from keyboards, whether physical or virtual, symbol of a foolish necessity to have one’s own word on the event we all have seen. The urge for writing and sharing something on the go, not spending a single second thinking about it. I strongly believe in freedom of speech and expression, I promise.

What the cathedral has been, is and will be for France, Europe and the entire civilization is worth spending multiple k’s of words, but that’s not the time nor the point. I have urges in my life, as well as you all, one of them is to say STOP to things I don’t really get. STOP mixing things. STOP getting angry for something you shouldn’t really. Instead spend time thinking about why’s and how’s. I agree with the fact that we’re elitist when choosing what to feel sorry about and, with a pun I might say I’m sorry for that as well. Innate senses of we human beings tell us to feel more sorry about the things we find the most close to us, culturally, geographically, ethnically. Sadly.

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I find disturbing and very unsettling reading this handful of words which kept resounding in my head almost not letting me sleep: “yes, and what about those dying of starvation?”. Bearing in mind that I strongly refuse to believe that there’s someone out there not feeling sad for those calamities of human responsibility, which can be the starvation crisis, the Mediterranean deaths, wars and so on, I’d like people to take a pause. Why equate what I say is a major anthropological loss, even if partial, with other problems, still devastating and with no sight of solution in the near future? If you think that to be sad about what happened to Notre Dame you have to be an art freak or lover of French culture, you are ignorant. If you even think that the French have deserved it, you are not even human, you just suck. Different feelings about different matters can coexist in a person, the two things just don’t cancel each other out. There are multiple sensibilities living in a single individual, and no one is to blame by feeling sorry for the loss of what someone just sees as an architectural masterpiece.

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