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What To See at Milano Design Week 2019
Illustration of Milano's Navigli by illustrator Carlo Stanga.

Every year, in April, Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Fuorisalone define and shape the Milano Design Week.

Milano Design Week is approaching. The 6 days exhibition is a can’t-miss occasion for designers and brands to showcase their creations and ideas and for design-junkies, in the beautiful spotlight of the fashion capital. For those who are not familiar with this particular fair, let us explain what Milano Design Week is, in a nutshell. MDW is a conjunction of two major events:

  • Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the world’s leading event in the design and furnishing sector, an extraordinary vehicle for promotion. Founded in 1961 with the intention of promoting Italian exports of furniture and accessories, a commitment that fully satisfied spreading the quality of Italian furniture throughout the world and that continues to satisfy more than half of its visitors.
  • Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan that take place concurrently with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

The Fuorisalone (Fuori, Italian for “outside, external” and Salone, “fair, exhibition”) is not to be intended as a mere fair event, it does not have a central organization nor is managed by a single entity: it was born spontaneously in the early 1980s by the will of companies active in the furniture and industrial design sector, though nowadays has seen an expansion to many related industries, including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion and food. Brands such as Hyundai (main sponsor of the event), Lamborghini, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Lexus, Honda and Polestar, but also BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Citroën and Pininfarina atelier already have announced their initiatives, including artistic installations, mobility of the future and new models to display.

This year’s Design Week endorses the relationship between men, nature, architecture and sustainability.

Duomo Illustration by Carlo Stanga
Carlo Stanga/Duomo

NO.MADE | A new concept for a “nomad(e)” way of living.

>>> Piazza Cordusio, via Dante 2

An itinerant domestic space, a small home imagined as a houseboat or a special place for urban spaces. Engineered by architect Michele Perlini, NO.MADE is a small prefabricated module (3×9 meters) designed to meet sustainability needs. Thanks to its characteristics, the living cell, defined by a structural frame in corten steel and a large panoramic aluminum façade, can be easily transported and mounted.


Its fixed and opening elements are integrated without any interruption of continuity, allowing a complete immersion in the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the glazed view, made with high-insulation aluminum profiles, allows the room to be naturally heated during the winter, while in the summer months, the automatic sunbreakers provide to protect the house from excessive heat. A “all glass” device to immerse yourself in the surrounding landscape. The study of energy consumption was a priority and guided the design choices: the glass is selective, therefore it’s both low emissive and solar controlled, at the same time.


More from Michele Perlini.

Alessi, A new moka is blooming

>>> Museo Mudec | from April 9th to April 14th

Coffee. The rumbling of the moka on fire and the scent that slowly spreads around the house are small daily pleasures, but also cornerstones of the simplest ways of being Italian. Milan Design Week 2019 hosts an exhibition celebrating this long and glorious tradition, from its origins to the latest in Alessi, the new moka designed by David Chipperfield, which will be launched in the coming days.

Alessi, A New Moka Is Blooming
Alessi, A New Moka Is Blooming

From Alfonso Bialetti, mastermind of the first moka who back in 1933 invented it, to Alessi, which in 1979 started an era of experimentation around this iconic object bringing to life the Alessi 9090.

The concept is to start from the past and project into the future. The moka is a perfect archetype itself, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be innovated, reinterpreted with a fresh and dynamic look. This is the aim of the joint effort of Alessi and David Chipperfield, whose creation becomes the last stage of a fascinating journey into our shared memory, punctuated by pieces that have made the history of industrial design.


Space Encounters’ Temporary Museum

>>> Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5 | from April 8th to April 13th

The Museum is not like any other museum. Nothing will be imposed or explained. There is no noise, no distraction; visitors do not have to think about what they will see, what they should like, how they might possibly feel or not feel. The choices have already been made.

Featured work will include photographer Reinier van der Aart’s “ultimate self-confrontation”, Pianist Joep Beving’s music designed to create a sense of tranquility, and the works of digital artist Jan Robert Leegte that aim to provide a sense of calm, key of the installallation. The temporary museum will be open from April 8th to April 13th, enjoy the best of Dutch creativity.

NonostanteMarras x Kiasmo

>>> NonostanteMarras, Spazio Marras, Via Cola di Rienzo | from April 8th to April 13th

Built on the ashes of a former workshop, NonostanteMarras is a beautiful concept store by Alghero designer Antonio Marras. More than a shop, it looks like an exhibition space, an art gallery, a meeting place. Milano Design Week 2018 saw an interesting collaboration between stylist Marras and artist Vincenzo D’Alba, aka Kiasmo, focused on ceramics and made by hand art.

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