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Lush to abandon social medias: Publicity Move or a New Era for Retail?

Lush to abandon social medias: Publicity Move or a New Era for Retail?


“We’re switching up social.⁣”

With more than 500k followers on Instagram and other 600k across Facebook and Twitter, Lush announced the closure of almost all their social channels, but not for good. Today, fashion houses are bringing back to light the use of printed paper as a medium of communication. We all know that fashion is a circle: trends tend to come back and become new must-haves. But for Lush, this is not just a publicity stunt, as it might appear: the English company reportedly struggles to reach people across social platforms and they’re not afraid to say so. Due to the rapidly changing social media landscape, becoming it harder and harder to connect with their customers.

The announcement has been met with surprised and critical feedbacks.
” …it sounds like corporate suicide.” is a resounding like comment under Lush’s Facebook and Instagram posts. Some instead argue that the choice is a brave move from Lush and hope that more business will make a stand in the future.

So, what are the odds that the future of Lush will be still promising without its social media marketing branch?

Lush UK, Lush Life, Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Gorilla and Soapbox social handles are all set to disappear in the next weeks. “We don’t want to limit ourselves to holding conversations in one place, we want social to be placed back in the hands of our communities – from our founders to our friends.⁣” The company will be in contact with costumers through more traditional mediums like live chat on the website, telephone and email. In a further post, Lush states: ” You can join in conversations with our staff, friends and shop social media accounts on their pages… Plus there are plenty of other places to take a dip into the Lush world, from our shops, events, and Customer Care team, to our digital platforms.”

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Why rely on more expensive and offline marketing strategies when there are social media platforms built to deliver content to more and more people all over world? Answer is, social platforms aren’t as easy as some could think. Posting content doesn’t automatically makes the product or the idea delivered. More and more companies have been investing fortunes in advertising in social medias and not really receiving an acceptable feedback. Taking a step back on using such services could lead to an unforeseeable future for the company, but on the other hand it could mean a new and drastic approach to engage current and new followers in this specific era. Let’s see how it will evolve.

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