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Can a Giant and Misshapen Orange be a Star?

Can a Giant and Misshapen Orange be a Star?


Sumo Orange: this is the name of what seems to become 2019’s most popular fruit. Yes, you might find it strange, but also a class of mandarin can be very popular on social medias. This Orange has all it takes to be a star, because of its japanese-wrestler shape you’ll surely find pretty close to the image we all have in our minds when think of Sumos. But that’s just not it, or is the internet people so vague when choosing a new product to praise?

A few hints:

  • Sumo Citrus is non-GMO, developed using traditional plant-breeding techniques.
  • Sumo Citrus is so revered in Japan, it’s often given as a gift.

If you haven’t heard about Sumo Oranges, you might not be following the right people. Thanks to Eva Chen, head of Instagram’s Fashion Partnerships, who brought it back in our feeds, sharing her obsession with these utterly mind-blowing oranges. People would start questioning why would she freak out over some misshapen oranges, eventually calling them her “new favorite“. So the word has spread, and here we are, talking about Sumo Oranges.

As said, that’s not just as it seems. These are not only funny oranges, not everything is as it seems. The fruit was originally developed in Japan where it is known as a dekopon—a cross between a Kiyomi (a cross between a tangor, satsuma, and Trovita orange) and a Ponkan (a mandarin and a pomelo), making them juicy, sweet, easy to peel, and seedless. Back in 2012, the New York Times was writing about Sumo Oranges: it took 7 (endless) years for them to be discovered and brought to the world!

You can find the mandarin in selected store, here’s the list. It includes Whole Foods, Haggen and Sobeys, among the others.

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