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Doing strange things in the name of art, yes, but with her own face. corallhe presents you Kate, 15 years old from England. (don’t tell her: she’s my new favorite makeup artist)

Hi Kate. How do you come up with the looks you showcase on your Instagram mostly? Where do you take your inspiration? For most of my recent looks, I just sit down without planning what I’m going to do next and start drawing/painting/placing colors on my face. I feel like the most therapeutic looks are the ones that you don’t plan ahead. I really like the idea of creating without a concept in mind at first – that way you can create with the ideas and concepts that flow within your mind as you sit down to create and not before. Because of this, my inspiration is my mind for most of my looks. I consider this makeup as art but also a way of self expression and I feel like it’s important for me to create with my thoughts as inspiration. Other than that, if i’m inspired by other art I always credit the artist(s). 

“Doing strange things in the name of art”. The majority of people paint on canvas, clothes, whatever. That’s why I find your work truly dazzling. How would you describe yours?

I don’t really want to label my work – the truth is I do not know HOW to describe it. I guess my work is a reflection of my mind (i mean a fragment of it) and I really want to try different mediums in the future but my face is another way to experiment! It is not the same as painting on a regular canvas because your face is the canvas. I love the feeling of the paint on my face and I like how I can just take it off and start something new the next day!

The weirdest look you’ve ever performed on your face and what you think is your best.

I think all of my looks are “weird”. Most of the things I paint on my face are different to “normal” makeup and therefore I cannot just pick one. For my favorite look, I don’t have one either! I like a bunch of them, and since my looks are all so different I find it hard to just pick a favorite.

Give me the best advice you’d give your closest friend on make-up and skincare.

I’m not a professional makeup artist but some advice on makeup/skincare is that taking off the makeup is just as important as any part of your skincare routine – if you don’t remove your makeup well then you might get breakouts or your skin won’t like it very much! People often ask me if my skin gets bad because of all the makeup – it does not because I carefully remove it all! Cleansing your face (even double cleansing) is very important and even a simple skincare routine will do the trick as long as you stick to it and make sure there is no makeup residue. Also, the same goes for cleaning your brushes. We all hate it, but bacteria builds up very fast onto your brushes so it’s important to clean them often (I try to clean them after every use or once a week but it’s hard). Prepping the skin before your base makeup is also very important – I used to neglect this step but even putting moisturizer on before foundation can make a difference.

Do you dream on working in the cosmetic industry in the future? I would hire you to boost my hypothetical beauty brand.

Surprisingly, I do not want to work in the industry as I get older (for now)! I want to keep this as my hobby and while doing makeup is my passion and very enjoyable, I love science and I think I might pursue a career related to this in the future. I do not know what I want to specifically major in when I will be in college but I know that I will not be a makeup artist for a living! I feel like it’s a very unstable job and I would love to be able to still do it but as a side job or incorporate makeup with another aspect in my future job(s). So my answer is that I’d be open to it, but not as a full time job.

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