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The Woman Visage of Inès Longevial

This is Inès Longevial, a refreshing artist you must absolutely know.

Inès Longevial‘s art gives us an up-close look at women, particularly focusing on their faces and features. Her paintings stand far away to those others that struggle to reach understanding and comprehension: her art doesn’t demand a lot of efforts to be recognizable as pure, natural representation of the beauty of a woman’s visage. Her bodies stare at us, every single one has the same energy. Inès creates faces with intense personality, often morose and pouting, enriched with floral patterns, in which the sensuality of the pose stands out among the other factors.

Inès Longevial grew up in the South-West of France. Born in 1990 and eldest of her siblings, “she would always rush for her canvas rather than through the fields” as stated in her own biography. Inspired by Rodin, Camille Claudel and Picasso, the cinema which she finds shockingly inspirational. She often shows her work unfinished on her instagram, stating that “It’s a way to expose my work, it shows the common thread of my art — the link that operates between painting and drawing, forms and colours. Most of the time, I am not afraid to show my work unfinished, because I think people appreciate sincerity. It forces me to renew myself.

The French artist breaks the human figure, tearing it apart and coloring his parts with light or no shades. The three-dimensionality of the figures and bodies is destroyed, so that her paintings appear at first glance as they belonged to the period of the later phase of cubism.

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Looking at her art, I felt a sense of loneliness, romanticism, deep feelings and craving for their expression. The woman portrayed perfectly melts with nature, making me think whether there’s any difference at all.

More from Inès Longevial on her website.

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